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Loba's WS 2K Duo (formerly 2K Supra) is a two-component waterborne polyurethane finish that has exceptional elasticity, strength and durability for use on wood floors in high traffic commercial areas. It can also be used with WS 2K Contact to recoat factory finished UV cured wood and cork floors. Also available in extra matte and semi-gloss.


In high traffic commercial areas. Suitable for wood floors. Can be used to recoat factory finished UV cured wood and cork floors in conjunction with WS 2K Contact.

  • Waterborne polyurethane formula for extreme wear resistance
  • Excellent build through high solid content
  • Easy to use, no foaming, no lap marks
  • Non yellowing

Part Number: LO-FI-33X

Size: Gallon

Color: Satin

Category: 2K Supra

Coverage: 500-600 square feet per gallon

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