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Triumph seamlessly blends the three most popular hardwoods in flooring today: Oak, Hickory and Maple, creating a truly special look for the home. Triumph combines the character and beauty of each individual species while the staining, hand scraping, and finishing techniques used bring the visual into harmony. There are three colors offered in the Triumph family that capture the warmth, texture, and natural allure of these three woods: Gold, Silver and Platinum. 


Color: Gold

Coverage: 24.50 sq/ft  p/ Carton

Species: Oak, Hickory and Maple

Finish: Matte

Style: Full Bevel

Width: 7"      Thickness: 9/16"         Lengths: Up to 84”

Construction: Engineered

Installation Method: Glue, Nail, Staple & Float

Warranty: 50 Years 

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