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High-quality and innovative raw materials are the key to making LOBADUR® 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. a truly unique surface coating. The wood looks and feels untreated and offers you all the protection of a fi nished fl oor. High durability and easy cleaning combine to make LOBADUR® 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. the perfect surface treatment for all lovers of natural wood.

  •  Looks and feels like natural untreated wood.

  •  Very easy to to apply.

  •  Self sealing - no primer needed

  •  Excellent chemical resistance

  •  Non ambering, keeps the natural appearance of the wood

  •  Creates the look of natural oil with the prior use of HS 2K Intensive


  •  Sand and remove dust from the surface properly
  •  First coat 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. with LOBATOOL roller Universal 100

  •  Intermediate sanding after 4-6 hours with 180 grit or maroon pad to remove grain raise

  •  Second coat 2K InvisibleProtect A.T with LOBATOOL roller Universal 100

  •  Optionally a third coat of 2K InvisibleProtect A.T. after another intermediate sanding


Suitable for wood and cork floors. For heavy traffic residential areas and commercial use.

Meets the OSHA requirements for walking surfaces of 0.5 (ASTM D2047-04).

Part Number: LO-FI-238

Size: Gallon

Color: Invisible

Category: 2K Invisible Protect

Coverage: 400-500 square feet per gallon

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