Norton 16 Edger Pad Inch Green (Very Fine) Sand Dollar 1 Units p/ Box


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SandDollar Pads

The New Way to Sand Between Coats of Finish.

  • Used for multiple levels of surface blending on hardwood floors.
  • Used between coats of finish to give the surface a texture to adhere to.
  • Used to remove dust particles and raised fibers between coats.
  • Patent pending design allows you to smooth and prep the surface of the floor to properly accept the next coat of finish without the risk of nasty swirl marks
  • Four grits - coarse, medium, fine and very fine.


Blue = Course 100-120 Grit (16" and 20")
Red = Medium 120-150 Grit (16" and 20")
Yellow = Fine 150-180 Grit (16")
Green = Very Fine 220 Grit (16")

            Part Number: NTPAD16SDGREEN_VERYFINE

            Type: Pad

            Size: 16" Diameter

            Series: Very Fine

            Grit: Coarse

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