Red Heat 120 Grit 8 Inch (7-7/8 x 29-1/2)


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Exclusive Technology. Unrivaled Performance. Norton Red Heat Abrasives offer unmatched cut rate and product life with optimum resistance to wear with razor sharp micro-fracturing capabilities that prevent premature dulling or wearing

  • Excellent cutting ability on Aluminum Oxide or ceramic finishes
  • Ideal for harder wood species and large jobs where saving time means saving money Heat and chip resistant
  • Eliminates risk of color transfer with assured product color consistency
  • Extremely flexible and shock absorbent for extreme conditions
  • Atmospherically stable with little or no effect from moisture or heat
  • The fastest cutting, longest lasting belt on the market!
  • 100% patented SG (Seeded Gel) ceramic abrasive grain
  • Full phenolic resin bond
  • Patent pending color stabilizer technology
  • Heavy polyester backing

Part Number: 69957345027

Type: Belts

Series: Red Heat

Size: 8 in Belt

Grit: 120


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