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SikaBond®-T55 is a one-component, low-VOC, permanently elastic, crack bridging, super strong polyurethane adhesive for full surface bonding of wood flooring.

  • 400 % Elongation
  • Bonds up to 3/4" solid and engineered wood
  • Low-odor
  • Easy to trowel formulation
  • Fast curing - unfinished wood flooring can be sanded after 12 hours of cure time
  • Crack bridging
  • Suitable for most common types of wood floors
  • Especially good for problematic woods such as beech and bamboo
  • Suitable for bonding wood floors directly onto old ceramic tiles
  • Suitable for in-floor radiant heat installation
  • Footfall-sound-dampening adhesive
  • Contains no water
  • Eliminate sleepers and plywood over concrete and gypsum substrates
  • Permanently elastic – allows planks to expand and contract without damage to the adhesive or substrate

Size: 5gl

Color: Tan

 * Orders with less than 4 buckets will be shipped separately. Orders of 4 or more will be shipped in a pallet. 

Application Information

Sag Flow

Consistency: Spreads very easily, holds ridges after troweling.

Ambient Air Temperature

Room temperature between 60 °F (15 °C) and 90 °F (35 °C). For ambient temperatures the standard construction rules are relevant. Follow all wood floor manufacturer’s acclimation and room temperature requirements.

Relative Air Humidity

Between 40 % and 70 %

Substrate Temperature

During laying and until SikaBond®-T55 has fully cured, substrate temperature should be greater than 60 °F (15 °C) and in case of floor heating, less than 70 °F (20 °C). For substrate temperatures, the standard construction rules are relevant

Substrate Moisture Content

Moisture requirements are set forth to protect the wood flooring products that can expand and contract with different moisture levels. SikaBond®-T55 is not affected by moisture or vapor transmission. The guidelines below are included to provide the best practices in moisture vapor testing that exists today. Permissible substrate moisture contents are listed on the chart below. 


Moisture level requirements using Tramex method (%)

Moisture level requirements using CM method (%)

3/4” solid or engineered over concrete


          4 %


          2.5 %

3/4” solid or engineered over concrete with Sika® MB layer


          6 %


          4.0 %

3/4” solid or engineered over in-floor heating over concrete


          3 %


          1.8 %

3/4” solid or engineered over gypsumbased Tramex should not be used to measure gypsum


          0.5 %

3/4” solid or engineered over in-floor heating over gypsum-based Tramex should not be used to measure gypsum


          0.3 %



The National Wood Flooring Association recommends the use of moisture testing devices that identify actual moisture content in percentages (%). For best results in measuring the moisture levels in cement based subfloor use the Tramex measuring device to find the highest reading in the application area and then run the CM method at that highest point to determine the worst case. As a general guideline for floors with no in-floor heating if the Tramex is below 4 % the Sika® MB will not be necessary and between 4 % and 6 % Sika® MB will be required - however, the CM method must be used to make final determination of concrete moisture levels – use chart above. For moisture content and quality of substrates the guidelines of wood floor manufacturer must be observed.

Curing Rate

4.0 mm/24h at 73 °F(23 °C) and 50 % RH.

Floor may accept light foot traffic after 4 hrs. and sanded 12 hrs. after installation (depending on climatic conditions and adhesive layer thickness).

Skin Time / Laying Time

~ 45–60 minutes at 73 °F(23 °C) and 50 % RH

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